Dear Friends,

With every decade, we go through developmental stages — no less as adults than as children.

Yet the developmental stages of adulthood are less well researched and investigated than the stages of childhood.

And having been through a few decades myself, I’m very aware that there is a lot to unpack as we get older! One of my favorite quotes is from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach: “In youth we learn, in age we understand.”

I have created a new online course, AGING MIRACULOUSLY, in order to apply miracle-minded principles to the creation of a powerful Chapter Three. How do we repudiate a purely worldly perspective on age, and embrace instead a spiritual context that allows us to expand our experience beyond what we’ve been led to expect?

Read below my description of the material in the course, and see whether or not it carries information that would serve you. I hope it does.

All my best,


While the body ages, the soul does not. The more we identify with the soul, the more we identify with what is ageless.

Enlightenment, according to A Course in Miracles, is a shift in self-perception from body-identification to spirit-identification.

Aging miraculously is a byproduct of the journey towards enlightenment, as we repudiate thoughts of scarcity and fear and consciously embrace thoughts of limitlessness and love.

As we age, we need to discipline our thinking to counter worldly stereotypes that otherwise limit our thoughts and opportunities. We must support each other in resisting the notions of diminished possibility simply handed to us by a voracious ego. We can consciously choose to affirm a higher truth: that the miraculous possibilities of a limitless universe are not affected by the age of the body.

Allow Marianne to guide you through the miracle-minded principles that uplift our thinking about age, transforming the experience from one of fear and anxiety to enthusiasm and joy.


A New Video Instruction will be released every Monday beginning June 5 and completing on June 26.

There will be a Private Online Community Forum for participants to share their experiences and support each other in learning and practicing the ideas in the Course.

All participants will join on two Live Calls with Marianne, where she will expound on the ideas in the course, answer questions, and do live coaching with individuals whose questions she feels offer the highest learning opportunities for the whole group. Recordings of the calls will be provided if you are not able to join them live.

You will have lifetime access to the AGING MIRACULOUSLY Course; you can watch it as many times as you like, deepening your understanding of the principles.

Journey with Marianne and a community of like-minded individuals through this four-week course that will fundamentally change your thinking about age. Be part of a revolution in consciousness with profound implications for your own life and for society at large.


The price for the Course is $249. A two-month payment plan is available.



If you have any questions about the course, please write to us at contact@marianne.com